Day 14: What makes us feel better at work

Day 14: What makes us feel better at work

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A bad day at work? We have all had them whether it is a tight deadline, a disagreement with a team member, a difficult client or we just need a break from busy work lives, we have coping mechanisms that helps improve these situations and here are some of ours:

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  1. First cup of tea in the morning, a cup of coffee or a cappuccino.
  2. When there is a crisis at the office and everyone chips in to help with the situation.
  3. Knowing that we have supportive team members and that we always have something to laugh about.
  4. Chocolate always helps.
  5. Jokes and good banter around the office.
  6. A walk around the block.
  7. Sociable colleagues: having great colleagues makes work so much more pleasurable.
  8. Being appreciated for our work.
  9. Constructive feedback from management. It helps is measure the quality of our work.
  10. Smiling team members: the day is so much better when everyone around us is happy and willing to help at anytime.
  11. Having a mentor, someone that inspires us and gives us wisdom.
  12. Receiving feedback on how we can improve our skills and feeling rewarded.
  13. Brainstorming sessions summon all the creativity in us. Its like a breath of fresh air!
  14. Open minded people around us helps us gain knowledge and different perspectives.
  15. Short breaks and fresh air allows us to analyse and solve our problems.
  16. Great looking offices and a cozy chair.
  17. A sweet jar
  18. The occasional social work gatherings where we can let our hair down and chat to each other on a personal level.
  19. Perks at work like having our cars washed every now and then shows we are appreciated and valued.
  20. Awesome birthday celebrations.

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