Day 16: Gone Digital

Day 16: Gone Digital

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We have found that social media is becoming increasingly influential for retailers and businesses to target their customers as online influence purchases. More South African consumers are using social media as a major percentage of retailers online traffic has originated on social media. Many consumers browse items online and purchase in store. Social media has become crucial to customer feedback and suggestions and increases brand loyalty. This is a way to better target their customers via data collection and big data insights.

E-commerce has become a popular consumer option, however, in store customer experience has also become a vital factor. It presents brands with an option to trigger a purchase decision and change future purchasing behaviour. South African consumers still visit malls before purchasing as they like to see and touch the specific items and often purchase the items at a later stage online. Brands need to embrace more impactful in-store marketing items to stand out and differentiate themselves. Retailers are under pressure to increase footfall and sales and need to turn to more innovative in-store solutions to stay ahead of the curve in order to retain and grow their consumer base. Therefore, digital in store solutions is the next logical and innovative step.

Our new services include the following:

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