Day 18: Fun Facts about our Streamliners

Day 18: Fun Facts about our Streamliners

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We have a Streamliner…

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  • Who is addicted to coca- cola and even drinks it at 8.00 in the morning. Not too sure about her stomach lining?
  • Who used to race cars. Not all of us have a death wish.
  • Who played classical music to her unborn child. She is obviously hoping for a musical prodigy.
  • Who is obsessed with 80’s music. Aren’t we all?
  • Who is photo mad. Some of us like photos, others are obsessed!
  • Who is a global citizen. She has lived everywhere. I think we are all jealous of this one.
  • Who is allergic to coconut. Shame, that’s unfortunate not being able to have all those amazing coconut cocktails.
  • Who gets lazy eyes when she drinks. So…….she enjoys her drinks.
  • Who is besotted with his dog Dexter. If you met Dexter, you would be the same.
  • Who loves brandy and coke.
  • Who is obsessed with the colour pink. Every little girl loves pink. This Streamliner just never outgrew it.
  • Who is sensitive about ageing.
  • Whose hobby is growing and propagating succulents. What are those?
  • Who loves baking cupcakes which she says don’t necessarily come out nice but she doesn’t give up. At least she doesn’t give up.
  • Who used to wear a nose ring and listen to Nirvana. Some of us still love Nirvana.
  • Who used to surf. The life of a beach bum!
  • Who did the wild swing at Oribi Gorge – one of the highest in the world. We are not all crazy.
  • Who knows how to use a gun.
  • Who wanted to be a lawyer. Many go through that phase.
  • Who is a fly-fishing champ. Not too many of them around.
  • Who has never had a tooth filling and she has always wanted to dress up like Cat Woman or own a pink car.
  • Who would like to have been a model. What a life!
  • Who is 25% Japanese.
  • Who always wanted to be a chef. He loves baking and cooking, but the only time he does cook/bake is on his mums Birthday.
  • Who has rap jumped off a 21-story building head first. Now that is madness.
  • Who is part of the Suzuki Sports Team club where they race cars and the proceeds of the events are donated to charity. We need more people like this.