DAY 3: Earliest Memory of Streamline

DAY 3: Earliest Memory of Streamline

“Blood, sweat, tears, stress & long working hours.” – Sanet Yelland, Managing Director

By no means was it easy but it was so worth it. Streamline was started with nothing but a dream. A dream to provide Clients a Streamlined approach to their Marketing as well as a client centric service approach. We were mindful of the pitfalls of large agencies so myself and my creative director set out to commit the best of ourselves to our Clients , offering a more personalised approach. We committed to hold integrity & honesty as our most important values. Our promise to our Clients was to demonstrate the utmost professionalism, integrity, passion, relentless Client Service and unwavering commitment to their business.  I am very proud to say that after 21 years in business we still maintain the same values and have never lost the passion and drive that attracts customers to us.

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  1. Evelyn Mantle

    So proud to have been a part of those early days of laying the foundation which have most definitely paid off (21 years later). So proud of you Sanet. Well done and all the best for the years ahead

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