The Benefits of a Blog

The Benefits of a Blog

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Blogging is and will always be an essential tool in growing your business. There are those that are skeptical and don’t quite understand the benefits of a blog, and there are many of them. According to Tech Client, you have a 434% greater chance of being ranked highly on search engines if you feature a blog as part of your website. Businesses use a blog as part of their marketing strategy and according to HubSpot get 67% more leads than those who do not have one.

There are many reasons why your company should create a blog:

1.       Targets Potential Clients

Business blogs do not promote products or services but rather markets the business in a more subtle way. It’s about discussing the relevant industry and the general services the business offers. It’s about getting the company name out there and building brand awareness. But one needs to target the correct audience which is the first critical factor in blogging. In order to grow a blog’s audience is to focus on your market that will be interested in what you have to offer. These are the people that read the blog, comment on it and share the posts.  Those that are followers of the blog are loyal and help build a following through sharing the posts.  The target audience also helps find the right blog topics through commenting. So, it is imperative to read the comments of the audience as well as establish the brand through loyalty and sharing. This can also help with future products or services and it helps awareness and provides information of what consumers are looking for.

2.       Blogging Drives Traffic to your Website

A blog is an evolving collection of articles, expertise and keywords that any reliable SEO campaign requires. Featuring on the first page of search engines is vital to any business and the more one features on the first page, the more traffic to the website. The SEO industry would not survive without keywords. There are various ways to attract traffic to a website: firstly, potential consumers type the company name in Google and it comes up. However, this is more than likely the current audience. Secondly one could purchase an email list and bombard potential consumers with emails and hope they click on the link to the website. This can be somewhat irritating for those potential consumers and its costly to purchase the list. Thirdly one could pay for traffic through paid aids, once again this can also be costly. This is where blogging solves all these problems. Every time a blog post is added to a website, it adds another indexed page to the website and therefore more opportunity to show up in search engines. One can create relevant content which is exposed to a large audience who may in turn share the posts and thereby constantly growing the audience. So, the great thing about blogging: it drives traffic to your website, improves SEO and an increased social media following.

3.       Helps Convert Traffic into Leads

With traffic coming through to a website is a great opportunity to convert this traffic into leads. For traffic to lead to conversions works as follows: a visitor comes to the website and sees a call to action offer. Once the visitor clicks on it, they get to a landing page which has a contact form to fill in with their information. The information is submitted and the visitor receives the offer. All blogs should have a call to action button and this is what turns traffic to leads. Not every reader will turn into a lead but they will improve each month as long as one continues blogging.

4.       People Trust Blogs

The human side of a business is a blog. It gives one the opportunity to appeal to human emotion. It allows one to explore and resolves audiences’ issues and concerns, it defines the business personality and allows the opportunity to increase the likeability of the brand. A blog is what differentiates one from the competition. Consistently and well written blogs are helpful to an audience as it is informative and educational. In turn the audience comes to trust the business as an authority in their field. People tend to purchase products and services they trust and a blog helps a company to do this.

5.       Drives Long-Term Results

Blog posts need to be consistent and regular. For example, if one publishes a blog today and gets 100 views and 10 leads tomorrow and the next day even more views and therefore more leads and this continues over time.  The blog post is now ranking in search engines. This means that for weeks and months to come, traffic to the website increases more and more through blog posts. The effort that is put into blogging reflects in the rewards for the months to come as long as one remains consistent. While results may not be immediate and take time to reap the rewards, business leads will come without any additional resource investment. Blogging combined with  social media, is a powerful way to promote a business online at very little cost. It takes a commitment of time and resources that can be overwhelming.

6.       Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert

Blog posts reflect one’s knowledge as an industry expert by sharing relevant and high-quality information and content. Over time an audience eagerly expects and awaits the next blog post and in turn one becomes a go-to resource that provides useful and consistent information. This helps the audience learn about new product, services and tools, solve challenges, ask questions and sometimes even help their own business.

7.       Create Valuable Person-to-Person Connections

A business blog should sometimes be more personal in nature and thereby more engaging. People enjoy humor and it gives one the opportunity to reflect a personal brand and the company personality. Business blogs can become somewhat monotonous and boring so it is necessary and more interesting to change it up a bit and include humour. It gives a blog individuality and makes a company more approachable, human and relatable.


Many business owners ask the question, “Do I really need a blog, when I already have a website?” Some of these businesses feel it is too difficult to set up a blog and that maintaining one takes too much valuable time and resources. But with all the reasons given a growing business or even an established one, cannot afford not to have a blog especially if these business owners want to grow the business, improve sales and thereby affect their bottom line.